Breakfast on the a303

We serve breakfast on the A303 from 10:00 until 12:00

We are situated next to the shell garage on the A303 in between the Podimore and Cartgate roundabout. A good cooked breakfast is a great way to start the day!

Breakfast menu  

Full English 8.50
2xbacon, 2xsausage, black pudding, hash brown, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, egg, & toast with a choice of: tea, coffee, apple juice, orange juice

Kids breakfast 4.00
1xbacon, 1xsausage, hash brown, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, egg, toast with apple juice or orange juice

Pancakes 4.90
with golden syrup

Build a butty  

First item 2.50 

each additional item 1.00

 + Bacon x2  
 + Sausage x2  
 + Black pudding  
 + Egg 
 + Cheese  
 + Hash brown  

On toast  

Strawberry jam 2.90

Apricot jam 2.90

Marmalade 2.90

Marmite 2.90

Eggs on toast 4.00

Beans on toast 4.00

Bacon & egg on toast 5.00

Eggs & beans on toast 5.00

A303 restaurant serving breakfast

We have a large car park making it easy to stop off and grab breakfast on the A303. We can prepare your food quickly if you are in a rush so you can get back on your way or sit back and relax in our large dining room with access to free wifi and restrooms.

Our main menu is served from 12 until late